Nelson Pinton | 1974 | Campinas | Brazil

Sound Sculpture








Pianist, Composer graduated by Universidade Estadual de Campinas – Unicamp, where have had the following professors: Livio Tragtenberg, Almeida Prado, J.A.Mannis.
Since 1995 develops intense work in improviso, Electronic Music – Electro-Acoustic, Sound Tracks for movies and documentaries.
In 2001 participated of Bienal for 50 years, in 2003 of Festival Syntèse IMEB (Institut International de Musique Electro Acoustique de Bourges – França) and in the same year got nominee for Sérgio Mota award with project “Grito Eletrônico”, in 2004 won the award Rumos Itaú Cultural in Audio-Fiction.