Oren Marshall | England









Oren took up the tuba at the age of fourteen after several years of studying the oboe and recorder. By the time he was twenty he had played with every major orchestra in London as well as with the Bolshoi Soloists, the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Ballet.
During the 80’s Oren played regularly with Loose Tubes, London Brass, the Jazz Warriors, Microgroove and Mervyn Africa.
Oren has also travelled extensively, especially in Africa, collaborating with the Pan African Orchestra, the Ghana Dance Ensemble, Kakatsitsi, Rasha, Abdelkadur Saadoun as well as with Chandru from India and Afro-shock from Italy.
In March 2001, Oren was part of Chris Batchelor and Steve Buckley’s quintet ‘Big Air’ along with drummer Jim Black and pianist Myra Melford and has collaborated with such free improv alumni as Derek Bailey, Steve Noble and Keith Tippet as well as Paul Dunmall, Davey Williams, Dave Wickens, Franz Hautzinger, Mark Sanders, Paul Rutherford and Adam Brett. Oren has been twice nominated for a BBC innovation in Jazz award (2002, 2003) as well as being asked to take part in ‘unlikely duets’ with Steve Buckly.
“The Jimi Hendrix of the tuba” . (John Fordham)
“A rambunctious young man”. (Gunther Schuller)
“Oren Marshall....a virtuoso and no doubt about it”. (The Guardian)
“Oren Marshall started the show with a solo of such ingenuity that the audience laughed for joy....he plays his instrument with the agility of a piccolo player”. (Evening Standard)
“Oren Marshall’s thumping tuba bass”. (Time Out)
“Oren Marshall....was astounding”. (New York Times)
“Oren Marshall plays the ungainly tuba with panache and sheer technical brilliance”. (South Wales Argus)
“One of the best performances to be heard in Hong Kong for some time”.