Pablo Vazquez | Argentina

contrabass, electric bass, electronics, vocals








Is an improviser based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his home city he has collaborated with many local improvisers and also with visiting figures such as Tony Malaby, Dror Feiler, Frode Gjerstad, Christoff Gallio.
He resided in Barcelona between 2002 and 2005, becoming part of the local musical scene. Since 2013 he has toured anually through different European cities and sharing the stage with Barcelona based improvisers like Marko Jelaka and Diego Caicedo (Miodesopsia Trio, with whom he recorded for Morbo Records label), Vasco Trilla, El Pricto, Ove Volquartz, Amaiur Gonzalez Monreal, Luiz Rocha, Ivan Gonzalez, Anna Subirana, Ilona Schneider, Ferran Besalduch.
In Amsterdam he has performed with improvisers Raoul Van der Weide, Ono Govaert, Ada Rave, Yedo Gibson, Nico Chientaroli, Marta Warelis, Henk Zwerver, Oscar Jan Hoogland and dancers Kristen Sonnevijlle and Kenzo Kusuda.
He has also played concerts in Berlin (with Eric Wong and Hui Chu Ling) and Köln. In Madrid he has performed with Ricardo Tejero and Chefa Alonso.
In 2017 he has performed in Spain along with Jorge Torrecillas Ensamble (contemporary jazz and improvisation) while presenting their latest recording "Una Busqueda Infinita" (Discordian Records, Catalunya, 2017).
He has recorded albums with Rhabdoviridae (string trio dedicated to free improvisation, with violinist Caro Tierhs and cellist Cecilia Quinteros), Tecla Gato Trio(with Gustavo Obligado and Caro Tierhs); Sama Espinal Vazquez trio, La Cornetita (free jazz quartet).
In august 2017 he recorded his first solo album for prepared contrabass (Solo 1, Seres Imaginarios; Creative Sources Records, Portugal, 2017) which he will be presenting on january 2018 in Barcelona, Hamburg, Lisboa and Amsterdam). In July 2019 Creative Sources Records edited a new record of the Pablo Vazquez/Hernan Sama duo (El Nombre del Ritual).
On October/November 2019 he has a new European tour(Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia amd Spain) with Jorge Torrecillas Ensamble.