Roberto Fega | Formia | Italy









- Metallurgie
- Cosmonaute ( compilation of Anorack records )
- Metafonie ( Aleatory Productions – Silenzio distributions )
- Agosto Romano ( sinewaves’s mp3 labels )
- Fave quotidiane ( )


- A Global Taxonomical Machine (Ambiances Magnétique - Dame distributions )


- We are what we play ( Compagnia Nuove Indye label ) AA.VV. - Roberto Fega - Burkhard beins - Fabrizio Spera - Punck : impro ensemble 05-01-2006 in Scatole Sonore for netlabel Adriano Zanni ( Punck)
- Taxonomy + Polvere , CD-r impro ensemble 13-12-2006 in Scatole Sonore


- Zapot ( compilation “Sotto il sole di Roma” Cervello a Sonagli , Silenzio distributions )

with FRAILI:

- Isole che parlano ( Erosha label )


esperimento n.5 ( stellanera label

Born in Formia (south Italy ), he plays Tenor/Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet, lap guitar and Samplers. Always interested in expressive and devoted-to-research artistic forms, he collaborated with "Cervello a Sonagli" and "Circ.A" , "IATO" and "IXEM".
He started his musical adventure with the Avant-garde-Rock group "Dura Figura". He participated in a laboratory-seminar by Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow - The Work) on improvisation that opened up into an open collective of improvisation. Afterwards, he participated in a workshop by the musicians Amy Denio, Jessica Lurie, L. Soybelman and the cartoonist D. Zezelj.He collaborated with Paolo Angeli in the Fraili project, the live version of P. Angeli's CD "Dove dormono gli autobus", participating in some festivals and a concerto that went live nation-wide on Radio RAI 3.
Collaboration in the CD of the Roman "Solar Lodge", with the dancer L. Benfenati, Amy Denio, with Pasquale Innarella realising the duet that goes by the title "Timbuctu". He is a member of the Titubanda (, a brass band engaged politically and not , is a member of the multimedia collective "Arturo" which is already seen in some theatre festivals (Mittlefest and Cortona) together with musicians M. Cooper, L. Venitucci (Ossatura), Zar Alekzander Caric, E. Vatteroni, Memoria Zero, A. Sordi, the Dance company of Travirovese and the actresses F. Santoro, L. Barletti and D. Giannetti.
He is a member of the electronic improvisation and electro-acoustic trio "Taxonomy" with Elio Martusciello and Graziano Lella , of a video-musical improvisation trio with M. Bennici ( cello and double bass ) and L. Tanzini called Placo Arsure.
He collaborates with Roman group "Solar Orchestra" .
Author of soundtrack for theater piece for Simona Senzaacqua actress and reading for Psicopompo theater company
He plays electronic in Pangolino Orchestra ( with Gi Gasparin and Jacopo Andreini ). With Gi Gasparin has a duo and a trio with Matteo Bennici and Andrea Caprara ( both with SQUARCICATRICI , LUBUAKU with Thollem McDonas | Scott Rosemberg | Jacopo Andreini and WARISTERRORTERRORISWAR ) .
Starting from 2006 he plays in an audiovisual collective together with Taxonomy and the videoartists Studio Brutus and Citrullo International. Their work H2O has been selectioned and presented in the following festivals: 2006: Live!iXem (Roma/I), Torino Film festival (Torino/I), Roma Film festival (Roma/I); 2007: Festival International du Film d'Animation Annecy (Annecy/F), 15th Curtas (Vila do Conde/PT), Optronica (London/UK), Netmage07 (Bologna/I), Sonar Film Festival (Firenze/I), CyBorg Film Festival (Anghiari/I), IMMArts TechArt07 (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb/USA), Fluid (Stresacinema, Isola Bella - Stresa/I), Italiani Indipendenti (Trento/I), aniMOTION European Animation Festival (Sibiu, RO), Musica Viva Festival/MusicAL (Lisbon/PT), In-Sonora III (Madrid/E), Hipersonica (Sao Paulo/BR), Shoot Off (Paris/F), Backup Festival (Weimar/D), Festa del Cinema (Roma/I), Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio (Siena/I), Castelli Animati (Roma/I), STRP Festival (Eindhoven/NL), Avion (Bucarest/RO), Signal (Cagliari/I), Collision (London/UK), Seoul International Film Festival (Seoul/KR); 2008: Sonoimagenes (Buenos Aires/ARG).
Finally with a solo he already partecipated in some festival ( Spamming Festival – Macerata , Scatole Sonore – Roma )