Raymond Strid | 1956 | Stockholm | Sweden


drums, percussion






1989, Tjo och tjim, Dragon DRLP192. Gush and Sven-Åke Johansson.
1989, Sounds: Contemporary Swedish improvised music, Blue Tower records BTLP 01/02.
1990, From things to sounds, Dragon DRCD 204. Gush
1991, Far from equilibrium, Alice Musik Production ALCD 007. Duo with Paul Pignon.
1993, muntmunt, Blue Tower records BTCD04. Christian Munthe.
1994, Spring tour, Alice Musik Production ALCD 013. Crispell/Jormin/Strid.
1994, Gushwachs, Bead CD002. Gush and Phil Wachsmann.
1994/1995, You forget to answer, Maya MCD 9601. Guy/Gustafsson/Strid.
1996, gryffgryffgryffs, Music & Arts CD-1003. Guy, Gustafsson, Strid, Crispell.
1996, Live at Fasching, Dragon DRCD 313. Gush.
1996, Live in Tampere, Dragon DRCD 327. Gush.
1997, Hidros one (1997), Caprice 21566.
1998, Scratch match, Penumbra CD009. Duo with Michael Zerang.
1999, Sounds 99, Blue Tower Records BTCD 09/10/11.
2000, Inscape - Tableaux, Intakt CD 066. Barry Guy New Orchestra.
2000, Walk, stop, look and walk, Crazy Wisdom 004. LSB.
2000, Chain of accidents, Ayler Records aylCD-035. The Electrics.
2000, Here there, Fylkingen FYSP 1005. Lehn - Strid. vinyl 7".
2001, Two days in December, Wobbly Rail WOB-012. Ken Vandermark.
2002, Bulbs, Slamcd 250. Unsolicited Music Ensemble.
?, 25th NWM, Ninth World Music NWM0 25 CD. One track on compilation CD.
2003, Tidszon, Creative sources CS 014. UNSK.

Swedish percussionist Raymond Strid has, in recent years, become an important member of the improvising community, working with, among others, Barry Guy, Roger Turner, Evan Parker, John Butcher, Mats Gustafsson, Sten Sandell and Marilyn Crispell. The most notable aspect of his playing is an ability to clarify the essence of the music as it develops, creating a sense of space with great subtlety within the most complex of settings, often holding back where another might blur the details. These qualities are also evident in his playing when he substitutes his drum kit for "table percussion" and amplified and processed instruments and objects; for example, on the album Gushwachs with Gustafsson, Sandell and Philipp Wachsmann.