Sabine Vogel | Berlin | Germany








2004, Schwimmer, Creative Sources CS 014

Born in Munich, she studied jazz-flute at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria. She works mainly on extended techniques, sound and improvisation, creating a contemporary language for the flute.
Since 2000 Sabine Vogel has been living in Berlin, Germany. She has a duo with the Australian drummer Tony Buck, and is member of the quartet "Schwimmer", with Alessandro Bosetti (saxophone), Michael Thieke (clarinet) and Michael Griener (drums). This quartet deals mainly with the organization of sounds in space at the border of inaudibility.
She is collaborating with New Music composers, among others the Swedish composers Malin Bång and Mattias Petersson, and she's part of the contemporary Popmusic-Project of the Norwegian singer Rebekka Karijord. Besides this she has also been working together with dancers, painters and actors, such as painter Barbara Droubay and her project "It's about time," and for Catherine Callahan's exhibition "landscape office" in Kingston, NY. She is one of the few in Europe who is conducting "Soundpainting", a signlanguage for improvisors, invented by Walter Thompson.
Among others, she has played and worked with Arto Lindsay, Jim Denley, Bhob Rainey, Jack Wright, Joe Williamson, Burkhard Beins, Robin Hayward, Andrea Neumann, Chris Dahlgren, Ute Wassermann, Dave Bennett, and the Walter Thompson Soundpainting Orchestra.