Udo Schindler | 1952 | Franconia | Germany

IImproviser, composer, performer
Saxophones, clarinets, flute, cornet
(accordion, drums, guitar, analog synthesizer)








schindler+richter – kleine klassiker - arch-musik001
schindler – PNEUMA_foe156 - arch-musik002
schindler – PNEUMA_visuals - arch-musik003
schindler/holzbauer/lillmeyer – rot - creative sources
harnik & schindler – empty pigeonholescs - creative sources
schindler & winter – form & material - creative sources
schindler & weber – spielzeit.atemzeit.horizontzeit - unit-records
bergmann+schindler – hut ab - mudoks records
bergmann+schindler – roma hills - mudoks records
SCHI.VA (schindler, pröll, winter) - pilgrims of sound

Studied flute on conservatory and architecture on university. starting as guitarist + saxplayer with rock and jazzrock. after moving to munich, performing avantgarde jazz, experimental and improvised music, Neue Musik, compositions for stage- and radio-play, lyric-publications, founding contemporary music ensembles like ARCH.Ensemble, INTERFERENZ.3.
Since the 90th focus on researches to extend the soundlimits of the reedinstruments and developing extraordinary, often selfinvented techniques.
Cooperations with s.tramontana, fp schubert, a.vapirov, m-l winter, e.harnik, k.klement, k.weber, g.wissel, f.gratkowski, m.tiberian, j.solothurnmann, h.koch, u.leimgruber, o.ziegele, d.sherr, b.siwula, c.varner, c.thomas, m.müller, a.willers, c.schiller, n.polaschegg, c.bösze, m.ohta, kp werani, g.pretzel… + with composers + ensembles of the  Neue Musik.
concerts in austria, belgium, czech republic, france, italia, switzerland, romania, great britain
Mainly playing in small constellations (duo, trio) or solo, integration of extern media + electronics.
Initiator, curator + protagonist of the

  • Salon für Klang+Kunst
  • Akustronik-performances at the  Projektraum Streitfeld

some current projects:
SSA (Spontaneous Sound Adventures)
Duets with  m.-l.winter, e.harnik, k.klement, k.weber, h.wolf, m.ohta, a.willers, s.tramontana, c.radtke, fp schubert…