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1. Passionkirche (I-V)
2. Magdalenenkirche (VI-VII)
3. Christuskirche (VIII-IX)
4. Herz-Jesu-Kirche (X-XIV)
5. Evangelische Stephanus-Kirchengemeinde (XV-XIX)
6. St. Christophorus Kirche (XX-XXVII)
7. Ms Heimatland (XXVIII-XXXI)
8. Zwinglikirche (XXXII-XLI)
9. Sophienkirche (XLII-XLIV)
10. Zionskirche (XLV-LI)
11. Marthakirche (LII-LVIII)


Guilherme Rodrigues - cello



Recorded between May and October in Berlin, 2022.
Kindly supported by Musikfonds e.V. FEB-II Stipendium.
Photography, graphic design and master by Carlos Santos.
Thanks to Musikfonds, Carlos Santos, the priests and all those in charge to carryout this project.




Cover design by Carlos Santos