On Dizziness | cs786

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1. On dizziness                                                           
2. A violent stirring of the interior                             
3. Unfolding by churns                                               
4. Begin with disequilibrium                                      
5. Slurred echoing eye                                               
6. What gets poured inside is the outside                 
7. Perhaps this is doubt                                             
8. Slippery standard belief

9. A useful beginning


Maggie Nicols: voice
Caroline Kraabel: alto saxophone, voice
Charlotte Hug: viola, voice



Recorded 4 June 2022, Vortex, London
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Ward

© and ? 2023 Maggie Nicols (PRS), Caroline Kraabel (PRS), Charlotte Hug (SUISA)

Graphic design by Carlos santos.

Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.

Many thanks to Pauline Divenach, Jenny Xie, Ernesto Rodrigues