There's Always Someone Who Says No | cs803

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1. Conduction #50


Variable Geometry Orchestra


Ernesto Rodrigues - conduction, viola
Maria do Mar - violin
Maria Radich - voice
Miguel Mira - cello
Anna Piosik - trumpet
Bruno Parrinha - alto clarinet
Ziv Taubenfeld - bass clarinet
Nuno Torres - alto saxophone
Tiago Varela - melodica
Armando Pereira - accordion
Guilherme Carmelo - electric guitar
Luisa Gonçalves - piano
Carla Santana - electronics
Carlos Santos - electronics
José Oliveira - percussion
Monsieur Trinité - percussion, objects

Recording on December 14th 2023 for the exhibition “Há Sempre Alguém Que Diz Não - Student opposition to the dictatorship in Lisbon secondary schools, 1970-1974”.
Recorded, mixed, mastered and graphic design by Carlos Santos.
Photo by Nuno Martins.
Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.