ImproX #1_Sound Poems to the Risk | cs807

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1. Sound Poem #1 to the Risk 22:23
2. Encore Sound Poem *[Quartet] 07:09
3. Sound Poem #2 to the Risk 10:41

Udo Schindler - alto saxophone, bass- & double bassclarinet, cornet
Eric Zwang Eriksson - drums
Ardhi Engl - self invented instruments
Nikolaus Neuser - trumpet *

audio & video live recordings September 23rd, 2023 at Freies Musikzentrum München (FMZ) by Udo Schindler (arch-musik)
mix & master by Wolfgang Obrecht/Tonstudio RichArt
music by Schindler, Zwang Eriksson, Engl (all GEMA)
cover photo by Udo Schindler
band photos by KP Mendler
videos by Michael Kurz:
Set#1   https://youtu.be/amQW-U_fulc
Set#2   https://youtu.be/dL2SL7Hu8XA
Encore feat. Nikolaus Neuser https://youtu.be/b41AaCAjCPg
graphic design by Udo Schindler
produced by Udo Schindler/arch-musik