Salute To The Rabid Raspberry | cs836

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1. Sharp Signal Happiness
2. Armed Rhubard Rhumba
3. Armchair Sobbing
4. Fluctuation Warden
5. Blood Vision Voices
6. Filler Screwdriver
7. Yorkminster Odour
8. Dripping Heart Medication
9. Salt Mine Salutation
10 . Southern Sandpaper
11. Salute To The Rabid Raspberry
12. Zeroton Police
13. Beyond Dino Mountain


The Chemical Expansion League

Adam Bohman - Prepared Strings/Objects/Vocals
Sue Lynch - Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Flute
Adrian Northover - Alto & Soprano Sax/Wasp Synthesizer/Autoharp
Ulf Mengersen - Bowed & Prepared Double Bass

Mix and sleeve design Adrian Northover
Artwork by Adam Bohman
Recorded at Red Hill Studios, Mill Hill.
Mixed at Oxo Studios, London.
January 2024