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CD1 Disturbed Terrains_1st Revitalisation

Udo Schindler & Rieko Okuda

Udo Schindler bb- & contra bass clarinets, tenor saxophone, cornet
Rieko Okuda piano

1 Disturbed Terrain_1st Revitalisation – part 1 53:29
2 Disturbed Terrain_1st Revitalisation – part 2 03:15

Live rec. at January 19th, 2024 by Udo Schindler at StudioUS in Krailling /Munich

The duo recording at the Seidlvilla in Munich is available as download:

CD 2 Rummaging in Disturbed Terrain

Udo Schindler & Rieko Okuda feat. Eric Zwang Eriksson

Udo Schindler bass clarinet, cornet,
soprano & tenor saxophone
Rieko Okuda piano
Eric Zwang Eriksson drums

1 Rummaging in Disturbed Terrain – part 1 23:53
2 Rummaging in Disturbed Terrain – part 2 10:59
3 Rummaging in Disturbed Terrain – part 3 18:38
4 Rummaging in Disturbed Terrain – part 4 12:37

Live rec. January 20th, 2024 by Udo Schindler at Freies Musikzentrum (FMZ) in Munich
Concert video by Michael Kurz: https://youtu.be/gypZvAWZ4x8

Mix & master by Wolfgang Obrecht / Tonstudio RichArt
Cover installation by Lore Galitz & photo by Udo Schindler
Band photos by Mendler/Schindler
All compositions by Udo Schindler, Rieko Okuda / CD1
& Udo Schindler, Rieko Okuda, Eric Zwang Eriksson / CD2 (GEMA)
Graphic design by Carlos Santos
Produced by Udo Schindler
Executive production by Ernesto Rodrigues

https:// www.klangwahn.de/

... it's not about cleaning the music from the non-music or trying to destroy all disturbing noises, but to perceive the music as such, which exists in the midst of the noise of life. The more open the ear is to everything audible, the more strongly the music radiates its speciality. Because a musical instrument has a material body, its sound cannot be frictionless and clean. ...
From Portrait of a Spinning Top / Portrait eines Kreisels by Yoku Tawada (Berlin)

Thanks for support to
Wolfgang Obrecht, Michael Kurz, the Schauer family, Ernst Nebhuth, Wolf Willinger, E.M. Weber-Roth & the FMZ staff, my instrument builders Bruno, Max, Jochen, Martin, Benedikt Eppelsheim (†) & reed manufacturer Alexander Pilgerstorfer

Udo Schindler plays a bb-clarinet mod.3000 by Seggelke Klarinetten and a Leblanc metal contrabass clarinet modified till low C by Bruno Waltersbacher (& Benedikt Eppelsheim†) with a mouthpiece by Max Geller, a bass clarinet heavy neck by Martin Suter (Blashaus Luzern), using ROVNER ligatures.