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I Treni Inerti's music is a proposal for a direct immersion into what our perception identifies as sound: Simple plain manifestation of acoustic phenomena. 
It is a non-ornamented music where silence plays a fundamental role, since it is part of a constant process of emptying needed to make it possible to reach both tiny and ephemeral sound universes. 
One of the musical concepts of this trio is the idea that one sound bears infinite possibilities of sound, determining the focusing of each sound matter into a level of interiority in order to have it rendered back and opened as part of a whole. 
In such a project each instrument is featured in a very particular way, meaning each and every sound source is to become unidentifiable, giving way only to the full strength and energy of musical gesture. 
We definitely are before a continuous movement between audible and imperceptible, intimate and shared, silence and presence, stillness and change - as the palindrome the trio has chosen as their name suggests.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Barcelona 2003