belvédère dans l'étendue



Jean-Luc Guionnet | Emmanuel Petit | David Chiesa | Eric La Casa





















We all are in a house: «Villa Adriana».
(René Quinon’s house – little village – mountain – high valley – south France)
A bunch of all kinds of microphones are deviced in the house and among the landscape around the place. Each of them is plugged into a mixing desk that Éric La Casa is using in real time.
The duration of the mix is more or less pre-decided by the 4 of us.
During this amount of time, the 3 instrumentalists are going around, in and out of the house, following their own improvised sounds and courses throught this open expanse filled by sound-catchers – thus we all are working on the construction of a sort of abstract and tentacle-like belvedere plunged into the acoustic space of the place.
This cd is the direct result of one of those mix-experiences.

Jean-Luc Guionnet