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We met again, an afternoon in September, after a long period of « silence » without an opportunity to work together, only a few postcards, a few e-mails, some holidays. Daunik came with Christine Baudillon and François Lagarde, he wished we figure as a trio in « his » film-portrait Horizon Vertical.

We took place in our « lounge » in Frontignan, a big room with rather empty space. We had displayed all our objects, devices, mikes. J.-Kristoff and me standing on both sides, Daunik in the center, and we felt really happy to stay together again and improvise music in this everyday life context.
The « Hors-oeil » team was preparing the shooting, finding the positions for the cameras and lights… Cathy was alternately listening and reading. Cathy is Daunik’s companion and a wonderful deep-listener.
When music started, we could perceive time, this long while which had passed, and it was full of opened possibilities, travels, good understanding. Le petit bruit d’à côté du coeur du monde was far away, also the (Daunik’s) Portrait octophonique.
The following day, we went to play in La Gardiole, an area in the garrigue, this is one rather burlesque sequence Christine has selected for the film Horizon Vertical.
The three of us wearing wireless headphones, we improvised with the sounds and objects found overthere, in a series of episodes. As we amplified the landscape and walked upon the vegetation and the stones, Daunik improvised, sat among the olive
trees. Then it happened a series of photos, Daunik also played alone at the base of a quarry, with the ponds and the refinery of Frontignan in the background. A splendid weather.
Later on, we listened and re-listened the « inside » improvisation, played the first day. One can perceive the acoustics of the room pretty strong in this recording, it’s finally this specific « at home » colour that we have liked ; it became, after some cuts and mixings, the CD you have in hands.

Carole Rieussec