Algebrica |cs236









Another amazing release that the excellent Portuguese hyperproductive label Creative Sources recently sent to us comes from Opjk_3, a brilliant Italian electroacoustic threesome of musicians whose musical background is quite different: some listeners could have already meet the name of vocalist Andrea Reali in the notes of a record by the under-rated project I/O, a stylistical meatloaf where tinges of Can, while the first and only time I've seen the ones of Fabio Martini (clarinet, electronics) and Danilo Sala (drums, percussions, objects) was on a release from the huge catalogue of Leo Feigin's improv jazz label Leo Records. In spite of some edgy moments such as "PHW", "Bad Manners" or the weirdly sad final "Lamar", most of tracks churn an awesome whirlgig of computational cave-in over tonal scribbles on clarinet, vocals that sounds like coming from mythical creatures of Celtic folklore, rhythmical overlaps and limping melodic struts that merrily tickle listener's imagination: you could therefore imagine they managed to render the imitation of abird by a sleeping chimp on "Dada", the lonely walk of a misunderstood childlike pixie on the same-named track, the adventures of a saltpetre inside a water filtering system on "Monomorph" or the resounding nightmare of a young mathematician on the title-track "Algebrica". Opjk_3's one is very weirdy declension of free-jazz spotted improvisation. Vito Camarretta (Chain DLK)