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“Intertitles” is the newest release of ‘Creative Sources”. Album was recorded by two outstanding jazz masters – it’s Antonis Anissegos (piano) and Christos Yermenoglou (drums). Both musicians have much experience in avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. They are exploring new eays of playing, trying out new and interesting instrumental combinations, weird expressions and always like to fuse together eclectic and innovative elements of musical language. Improvisers base their music on free improvisation and spontaneous musical decisions. It’s the main component of all compositions – free improvisations by both musicians usually are energetic, vivacious, vivid, expressive and have sharp and interesting sound. Musicians have hot, sharp, luminous and active playing manner, who effects whole sound of album and gives main mood to most part of the compositions. Interesting, rich, polyphonic and multi-layed musical language, specific ways of playing and innovative improvisations are three the most important elements of Antonis Anissegos and Christos Yermenoghou improvisations.
“Intertitles” compositions demonstrate all the main elements of musician’s laying style and their masterful ability of improvising. The duos of piano and drums are based on huge collection of various styles, timbres, sounds, rhythms and other elements of musical language. The music is emotional and has huge spectre of different emotions and moods who are mixed in one place. Musicians are the masters of expressing all wide range of interesting expressions, colorful turns, gorgeous timbres and contrasting, bright and subtle moods. From silent music goes straight to roaring, bright and luminous. When it gets very aggressive, sharp, angry, provocative or even terrifying – from this place musicians can go straight to gentle, vivacious, playful and childish solos, soft and vivid excerpts or lead to gorgeous, terrific, moving, thrilling and emotional culminations. It’s impossible to predict, where is this music is going to turn next – musicians are able to create sparkling, rich, gorgeous and colorful musical pattern, who has many different and contrasting layers. All compositions of this album have multi-layed and gorgeous pattern – it’s filled with contrasting and unique layers and sections, who are the opposites to each other in many ways. Each layer has its own mood, rhythmic, tempo, dynamics and harmony. All the layers and sections are independent and free – it’s solid, contrasting and dynamic melodic section, moving and touching rhythmic basement, sharp, aggressive and modern harmonic basement, independent melodies, who form polyphonic facture, and gorgeous, charming, attractive and simply beautiful background. Free form is synthesized from pieces of various open forms, which is a typical element of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Abstract pattern and free form gives musicians the opportunity to improvise free and make adventurous, sparkling and bright musical decisions. Two improvisers are improvising impressively and spontaneously. Pianist Antonis Anissegos is using effective, thrilling and hot playing manner. It relates a bit with modern and contemporary jazz, but mostly is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Pianist’s improvisations are based on brave, noisy and energetic melodies, passionate, thrilling and moving solos, expressive and remarkable pieces, dramatic, turbulent and terrific culminations, furiously loud and powerful pieces who give a  strong contrast to silent, light, gentle and vivacious pieces. Musician masterfully jumps from the one mood to another – he’s using sharp, aggressive, difficult and complicated rhythmic, who is fused with static and stable elements, repetitive rhythmic sessions or free, impulsive and sudden energy explosions. Drummer Christos Yermenoglou is full of original and inventive ideas, which he subtly integrates in to musical pattern. Free, turbulent and roaring improvisations, loud and tremendous drum rolls, passionate and fascinating passages, enchanting virtuosic elements, glissando, strict staccato, effective and terrific vibrato, dozens of different rhythms and other playing techniques are used here. All these elements contain solid, independent, colorful and original rhythmic base. Drummer has active, energetic and moving playing manner. His playing gently fits together with Antonis Anissegos playing, despite of that his playing manner and sound highly differs from the pianist. Both musicians make impressive and turbulent duos, adventurous, expressive and emotional dialogues, tremendous and stunning solos or dive in subtle, free, slent and abstract improvisations. This album is beautiful, gorgeous and innovative – it’s also filled with new, fresh and evocative ideas and original sound. (Avant Scena)