Helium cs689









Recorded, similarly as "Limosa limosa" of IKB, by Miguel Azguime in November 2020 at O'Culto da Ajuda during the CSFest XIV. The Isotope Ensemble consists this time of 13 musicians, so has a, more or less, standard size. The personnel is notable for including, in addition to usual suspects, such stars like Luís Vicenre, José Lencastre, and
Luís Lopes. The nearly 44 minutes long track starts very quietly with long, minimalistic phrases. Slowly the whole ensemble rises like the sun in a forest. the fragmented sound come from all sides: they can be identifies more or less, but they build as a whole an effect of XXIst century symphonic, orchestral music, filling the whole space, the whole universe. In the middle one can hear a beautiful conversation of the reeds and the trumpet. Both guitars do amazing. stupendous job. In the final part Luís Vicente has his time, creating absolutely incredible effects with the trumpet. The following alto statements by José and Nuno are also magisterial. Another masterpiece from the Rodrigues factory, no better to say exclusive manufacture! Maciej Lewenstein

With an ensemble of adept improvisers including Luis Vicente on trumpet, Nuno Torres, Jose Lencastre and Bruno Parrinha on reeds, Luis Lopes on guitar, &c, Creative Sources leader and violist Ernesto Rodrigues' Isotope Ensemble examines the element "Helium" in a monumental 44-minute electroacoustic improvisation recorded live at O'Culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon. Squidco