Limosa limosa cs690









This time IKB appears as a tentet, maybe limited due to the covid restrictions? I do not know, but music is even more convincing: the usual dominance of alternative sounds and fake music, is replaces by a wonderfully peaceful co-existence with clearly identifiable acoustic and electric sounds generated by the members of the tentet. The track last 47 minutes and builds up the drama and tension slowly and gradually, to become quite expressive and emotional in the final parts. The final final is actually wonderfully quiet and delicate. Wonderful music, c'est ça!!!. Maciej Lewenstein

IKB, a ten-piece reductionist electroacoustic ensemble of strings, reeds, guitar, computer, percussion, piano, drums & objects, continues their exploration of exotic animal species with this 2020 live performance at O'Culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, Portugal, detailing the long-billed shore bird Limosa through intricate, restrained and remarkable expression. Squidco