Titanus giganteus cs716









IKB is back in the full glory. This a live recording by Miguel Azguime in June 2021 at O'Culto da Ajuda, Lisbon. The band plays a single 53 minutes long track, entitled "Titanus giganteus". The whole cream of the cream of the Portuguese scene is here. The composition starts quietly in the minimal fashion and augments with the course of time. IN the first 10 minutes strings, percussion and electronics play the leading role, then we start to hear all instruments, in particular Luís Vicente's trumpet, Bruno Parrinha's clarinets, José Lancastre's alto, and so on. In the 26 minute wind instrument take over in a short, but explosive collective improvisation, and the initial minimalist mood returns. It augments in a joint final of both strings and winds, to cease down again at the end. Beautiful music. Maciej Lewenstein

Post-pandemic, the electroacoustic IKB ensemble returned to the stage in 2021 at O'Culto da Ajuda in Lisbon with some of Portugal's finest improvisers performing under the direction of violist Ernetso Rodrigues, to express in sound the large rainforest beetle Titanus Giganteus, represented in an extended collective improvisation of restraint fueled by masterful and creative skill. Squidco