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This time Rodrigues family team up with the legend of the German free jazz, Günter "Baby" Sommer, and a phenomenal reed player, Gonçalo Mortágua, under the name of Not Bad quartet. As explained in the liner noted on Bandcamp: "And for this Not Bad quartet, an assemblage spanning three generations, individual virtuosity does indeed feature, including in traditionally free & jazzy solos, but also as an aspect of forging a coherent whole. The result before us, well over an hour of dense musical interaction, is thus more directly expressive than many Creative Sources albums, often featuring strong rhythmic coloring from one of the pioneers of the European Free Jazz scene, Günter "Baby" Sommer of Dresden. Yet this melding of impulses & styles is not only about looking backward toward a legend of the previous generation, but forward as well: Ernesto is joined in this quartet performance by his son, Guilherme Rodrigues, only 34 years old, but the veteran of well over a
hundred albums on Creative Sources & elsewhere, as well as by young Portuguese horn player, Gonçalo Mortágua. 588 CHAPTER 42. ERNESTO AND GUILHERME RODRIGUES (And it's not only the Rodrigueses forging this link with Sommer, but very much Mortágua as well. He initiated the session via teaching connections, and the two can frequently be found interlocked, in traditionally jazzy duo interactions, suggestive of one pole here....) And so, just as a septuagenarian called Baby already seems destined for a (paradoxical) play of generations, for their prior album together (again on Creative Sources, 2020), Gonçalo & Guilherme appear themselves as (2 of) As 3 Velhas..."
The music carries indeed new qualities ion comparison to the "stabdard" Rodrigues family free minimalism output (which never is really standard). Sommer introduces much stronger free jazz rhythmic component, provoking also Gonçalo to play with more free jazz expression. The quartet presents 8 track, and already the first two, 8 minutes long "Abertura" and nearly 10 minutes long "Verve" throw the listeneres on their knees, as we say. But, for me the highlights are: over ten minujtes long "Invocação", perhaps the most peaceful track with a truly majestic bamboo flute part, and 8 minutes long "Grenze zu", also with great bamboo flute lines. Suprising music from Rodrigues family et consortes, but very in teresting and beautiful!!! Maciej Lewenstein