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With the perspective of retirement or rather lack of reasonable retirement, I decided to control spending money for records. This, obviously, affects, people like the family Rodrigues, who release 10 CDs per year or more.
Here I describe my acquisitions in 2023.
We start with the earliest recordings, "Three Shadows" by a string quartet from 2027. It is notable for the participating, and in fact the leading role of our "Barcelonian" Sarah Claman. Sarah runs several fantastic strings projects in Barcelona, but on this album, she turns to the "source" of contemporary improvised music on the Peninsula Ibérica the family Rodrigues. The album was recorded in Berlin by Guilherme Rodrigues in October 2017 and mastered by Flak. The quartet play three medium length track, starting from a very beautiful minimalist @Umbra@, lasting 16 minutes.
The second @Penumbra@ last over 16 minutes and is more expressive, reminding me of Helmut Lachenmann's and Gy"orgy Ligeti's music. The closing "Antumbra"
is shorter, but equally absorbing: here the pizzicato techniques are thoroughly employed. Maciej Lewenstein