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1 HerzAtmung #1 11:14
2 HerzAtmung #2 07:40
3 HerzAtmung #3 18:06
4 HerzAtmung #4 09:41
5 HerzAtmung #5 10:51
6 HerzAtmung #6 10:52


Udo Schindler - bass clarinet, alto saxophone, cornet, tuba
Olaf Rupp - electric guitar

I believe that the destructive element in art is neglected too much.
Piet Mondrian

Live recording June 27th, 2023 at MUCCA [BASIS-Buchsalon] (Munich) by Udo Schindler
Audio mix by Olaf Rupp & Wolfgang Obrecht
master by Wolfgang Obrecht
Music by Udo Schindler & Olaf Rupp (GEMA)
Video by Michael Kurz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epekQZdquY8
Inside photos by KP Mendler
Cover photo by Udo Schindler
Graphic design by
Produced by Udo Schindler
Executive production by

Thanks for support to
Michael Kurz, the Schauer family, Ernst Nebhuth,
Tom Biburger, Gabi Sabo & Carlton Bunce, Theater dasvinzenz, KP Mendler, the hardcore fans & my instrument builders Bruno, Martin, Max, Benedikt (†)

Udo Schindler plays a bass clarinet heavy neck by Martin Suter (Blashaus Luzern).